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Vocal Repertoire was founded in September 2017 to create an enviroment for young people to sing and perform as solo artists and in groups.

With the constant threat of cuts to school funding, which could ultimately affect the chances of young people having even basic music lessons, Vocal Repertoire offer a very affordable alternative.

Through our weekly classes and other activities, we strive to encourage technical progress, build confidence and encourage friendships and social interaction between all age groups.

Our members range in age from 6 years to 20 years of age.

We are a non profit club which is run by volunteers and supported by sponsors and subscriptions.


Time to Shine

With a focus on learning the mechanics of the vocal chords, breathing and how to present themselves on stage, we have seen incredible growth and skills progression amongst our members which overflows into their personalities.

Many who attend that first session as shy young children go on to become confident and assured performers.


The Big stage

Since our beginnings, we have performed at numerous events including Arundel Festival, Beach Dreams, Seaford Motorfest,Elderflowerfields Festival, Seahaven Beer and music, Seaford Xmas magic, Wishfest as well as putting on our own showcases at venues including The View, The Barn, Seaford Little theatre and The Meridian hall.



Supported by their families our children come from many different schools and backgrounds. Close friendships have grown amongst all of our members as well as their parents who love to socialise at our many different events throughout the year. 


VR Family

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