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VR Members Code


1. Attendance: We expect all members to attend practice sessions as much as possible. This is extremely important when we are trying to work out lead parts and harmonies in group songs, you are all vital parts of the Vocal Repertoire group. It also shows your commitment to the group. If you cannot make one session- please let Bri ,Rochelle or Kevin know in advance. If you are sick, let us know. Please make sure you arrive early and sign in with someone on the desk. Be ready to start at the allocated time. We are all entitled to have a week off if something important is happening, but let us know in advance and always try to make all sessions building up to performances.

2. Performance: We would hope everyone feels the same way about performance. We want to be the best we can be! The better we are, the better gigs we will secure. This means knowing your lyrics and dance moves. If you are awarded solo’s-please learn your lyrics. Any dance moves you are unsure of please ask one of the instructors; they are there to guide and help you. If you are not available for a VR performance of any kind, let us know early as we may need to rearrange a composition in regards to lead solo’s.

3. Showcases: We are constantly growing as a club, this means we are a little more restricted when it comes to showcase solo’s. When it comes to choosing solo performers we will take into account the following; Attendance , Attitude, Performance. Try to be smart with your song choice, think about the demographic of the audience, they will not all be the same age as you. Could you do the song in a unique way? Could you do it with piano, guitar, percussion or even Acappella? Could you build a group within the club? We will always strive to be as fair as possible and would look to get everyone at least one solo per year, but this is dependent on you.

4. Respect: Members are expected to be respectful of everyone. When attending practice sessions be aware of when your fellow members are performing. Put down your phone and be supportive. It is very disconcerting if people are showing no interest in your performance. Follow the instructions of the authorised VR staff and chaperones. Leave the singing school as tidy as you found it. When we are attending gigs respect other performers and organisers. Make sure your fellow VR members are not feeling left out or alone.

5. Gigs: We will get some good gigs and festivals! We need to be better than other groups applying for the same ones we are. This means working hard! Be expressive, be imaginative. Festival season falls within holiday season so we know not everyone will be able to make every performance. Just let us know in advance. Wear the appropriate clothing as stated by Bri. If you do not have the appropriate clothing you may be asked to sit out of the event. We should always have enough people to cover lifts to events, but do not depend on us taking you every time. Please try to arrive in plenty of time for soundchecks. 

6. Anti-Bullying: Bullying in any form will NOT be tolerated. There is a separate policy for this. Anyone deemed to be bullying will be reported to the committee and a decision on whether to allow said person to continue to be a member of VR will be discussed. Make sure your co-members are involved and not feeling left out. Vocal Repertoire has been built on friendship and a family feel- always bare this in mind.

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