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March 2020 

We are all looking forward to our events this year including our first showcase at the delightful Little theatre in Seaford, followed the very next day by our first festival of the year, 'Elderflowerfields".

All of our events can be found on Our Facebook page.

We are also looking forward to "School of Rock next year....front row seats!

Juniors is almost full up with just a few spaces left available.

We will be having a drive to increase the numbers for our seniors.

We will be organising another video shoot this year when the weather is a little brighter.

We have also had to order a few more hoodies as some were shrunk or discoloured by washing.....All the dads got the blame for this??


December 2019

Looking back on 2019, we realise how busy we have been....
Our main objective is and always will be to give young people the opportunities to sing and perform.To create a friendly and welcoming environment, a family feel.
This year We have performed at ten different festivals, including Arundel festival, Seaford Motorfest and Camper Marmalade festivals.
We have also put on two major showcases at The Meridian center which were superbly successful.
We have managed to raise £250 for Seaford Downs Syndrome, £500 for Macmillan trust, £410 for Chestnut treehouse children’s hospice.
We had a days video shoot with a professional production company at a beautiful house in Saltdean, whilst the kids filmed in doors, parents sat outside in the sunny garden having a glass of wine.
All of our members were presented with complimentary hoodies all personalised with their VR nickname.
We have eaten too many Pizzas supplied by
Padella D’oro in Newhaven, this will carry on in the new year😏.
Nearly every Friday, we have great fun practicing and just being part of VR. Friendships continue to grow among like minded people, everyone supportive of one and other.
Some immense solos and group songs have been witnessed. We see Young people getting up on stage and singing their hearts out for the very first time and sometimes you witness their confidence grow right before your eyes...Magical!
As well as this , our two teachers , Bri and Rochelle have both surprised us with baby news this year, WOW.
A great year for everyone involved in VR.
Massive thanks to everyone involved, from all our members, past and present to all of our helpers, as well as all of the people who believe in us.
We are already planning some amazing things for the new year and hope to present our members with some superb opportunities ...Exciting times ahead!

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